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Launching of the first 36.000cbm ´Eco Star´LEG "GasChem Beluga"

05/08/2016 00:00

The first´Eco Star 36k´Ethane Carrier was launched on 08th May 2016 at Dayang Shipbilding Co. Ltd.. "GasChem Beluga" is expected to be completed and ready to start operation in September 2016. She will be utilized with two sister vessels under a long-term time charter for the transportation of Ethane between Houston and Tees.

"GasChem Beluga" and teh following two sister vessels "GasChem Narwhal" and "GasChem Orca" mark a new generation of semi-refrigerated Etyhlene/Ethane- (-104 deg C)  carriers, designed for environmentally friendly operations with minimum emissions at a maximum of reliability and sea endurance. The unique ´Star Tilobe´cargo tank design delivery a new dimension of cargo carrying efficiency and in combination with her dual fuel 2-stroke MAN main engine, which can consume HFO/MGO or LPG/Ethane as fuel, the low resistance hull and the special ´Svelte Bow´design for improved sea-keeping abd transit speed, makes the vessels a most cost-effective and competitive gas carrier.