Queen Isabella - ‌10.517 cbm

Ship Basic Information
Ship Basic Information
Delivery: 1996
Builders: Cantieri Navali Benetti Gecan S.p.a.
Name: Queen Isabella
Flag: Liberia
Port of Registry: Monrovia
IMO No.: 8908569
Class: DNV GL
Cargo tanks
Cargo tanks
Tank 100% Volume 98% Volume
Tank 1 2.309,58 cbm 2.263,39 cbm
Tank 2 2.795,58 cbm 2.739,67 cbm
Tank 3 2.794,62 cbm 2.738,73 cbm
Tank 4 2.617,62 cbm 2.565,27 cbm
DT 1 36,86 cbm 36,12 cbm
DT 2 36,97 cbm 36,23 cbm
Total CT 10.517,40 cbm 10.307,05 cbm
Dimension and Main Data
Dimension and Main Data
Length O.A.: 131,35m
Length B.P.: 121,18m
Breadth moulded: 20,02m
Depth moulded: 12,41m
Tanks: Array
Draft SW on SB: 9,41m
Draft full cargo LPG: 8,54m
Max DWT: 17.418 mts
GRT (International): 7.955
NRT (International): 3.144
Main engine: 5.590 KW
Shaft generator: N/A
Service speed: 14,50 Knots
Auxiliary engines: 3 x 1.040 KW
Bow thruster: N/A
Cargo type: Independent Type C
Cargo segregation: 2 Grades
Cargo pumps: 8 x 150 cbm/hr Deepwell2 x 300 cbm/hr Booster
Cargo compressor: 3
CGE Type: Inertgas
Decktank: 73,83 cbm
Max Press.: 18,0 bar (g)
Products: Same as Cargo Tanks
Max draft full cargo NH3: 8,45m
Max draft full cargo C2H4: 8,33m
Type: Ethylene/Ethane