About us

GasChem Services GmbH & Co. KG was established in the year 1990 and is a member of the Hartmann Group.

GasChem Services provides shipping services and commercial management of a modern and technically sophisticated fleet of fully refrigerated, semi-refrigerated and pressurized gas tankers for the international major oil and chemical industry.

GasChem Services maintains a fleet presence worldwide and is able to handle different sizes and types of liquefied gas cargoes on high quality gas tankers on the basis of spot, time charter or contracts of affreightment. Due to the global presence of its fleet, GasChem Services provides enhanced flexibility for customers in the Ammonia, LPG and petrochemical industry.

The mission of GasChem Services is to perform a competitive and timeliness service for its customers with high reliability and excellent technical performance and to maintain and improve the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental standard through the technical managers of the vessels in its fleet.

Years of expertise
Dual-fuel-vessels planned and in operation
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